>> Archetype Origin by Jesse Breiman

The story of the “Archetype”


Photo:  Bryce Kanights 

Story: Jesse Breiman

            I flew out to Ithaca in April last year to visit my homies at Comet Skateboards and to compete in the first ever “Ithaca slide jam.”  I was riding the takeover at the time and I liked the board but I wanted a board that was symmetrical and fit my riding style better. I was walking around the new comet store in the Ithaca and I saw a weird looking symmetrical rectangular board that looked like a snowboard, I was like ohhhh shit I could make that into something awesome. So with that shape in mind I cut one out by hand, it rode fine but looked hideous! It wasn’t until me and Jason sat down in the factory and drew up and cut out the first real version of the “archetype,” that’s when it looked beautiful and it was exactly what I imagined.  We cut 2 out, I had one and Jensen had one.  I rode it all through the southwest series and the northwest series tours and fell in love. Jensen never really rode his so I gave it to Aussie Gabe who fell in love with it and then after awhile gave it to G-Mack who also really enjoyed the board. From then on we were prototyping different lengths, widths, noses and tails but in my opinion the first one we made was perfect! In the end we decided to take an inch of each nose and tail and put in beautiful wheel wells, flush mounts, and multiple wheels base options. All in all if you like a super comfortable symmetrical board with a little nose and tail you will love this board! I was super stoked to come up with this board with Jason and Anthony. It was a great experience and I can’t wait to get back there this April and hopefully design something else with those awesome dudes!

VIDEO:  http://www.cometskateboards.com/videos/comet-presents-archetype


P.S. A lot of other companies have made similar downhill shapes recently to the “archetype” and I have tried most of them, I can guarantee none of them feel like this board.  Archetype means basic, simple, and perfect. That’s exactly what this board is and the name fits perfectly.





i saw a board in your shop,

i saw a board in your shop, the Ethos 36 and i think i will buy it soon, and start my career as a professional skatboarder lol. I am joking, i dont want to be a preofessional skateboarder, but i want to enjoy downhill skateboarding and pool skateboarding. www.joob.ro


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