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In the action sports arena, Comet is an undisputed leader in social and environmental responsibility. Our B Corporation status shows our commitment to these principles. All B Corporations are purpose-driven and create benefit not just for company owners, but for employees, the community, and the environment.

B Corporations are businesses that have agreed to a comprehensive evaluation and have amended their bylaws to adopt standards addressing social and environmental responsibility. We were stoked to be one of the earliest founding B Corporations, which in a couple years has now grown to nearly 200 businesses spanning over 30 industries. B Corporation certification helps distinguish Comet from the growing barrage of green-washing and cause-marketing campaigns.

This is a critical point in history. National and global policies are too slow to change and, frankly, big business has too much investment in our political structure for any of us to sit back and think everything is gonna be all right. Comet is charging forward. We're creating a clear path that we hope other businesses will follow. If you agree with this path, ask questions and inspire other businesses to be excellent stewards of our one planet and one collective society. Let the businesses that you buy from know that you want them to do the right thing. Good businesses listen to their customers.

As a B Corporation, we embed our values into our corporate governing documents so they can survive new investors, new management and even new ownership. Comet Skateboards will only have a growing positive impact as we grow our sales. We thank you for buying our products and spreading the word. Every $ helps us fight the good fight.

B Corporations help you tell the difference between a “good company” and just good marketing. Find other B Corporations or learn more at BCorporation.net.




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