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We assembled all of the 39 submissions into this blog post! Take a look at all of them, watch a few, find your friends! The one with the Most 'Likes' or 'Thumbs Up' by May 15th Wins a Prize Pack! We will also announce Jensen's winner on that day too! Best of Luck to everyone! Share this playlist around! There are some great submissions in there!

My Mysterious Friend:

Anningson Skatez:

Nic Cayton:

Matthieu Gauvin:

Dual Snap:


PJ Gaffney:

Wesley Eldridge:

Sam Kiegel:

Kevin Chen:

Kevin Hashimoto:

Devin Arnone:

Joel Gonzalez:

Peter Torres:

Vincent Budrovich:

Alpha FX:

Thomas Halling:

Jordan Mckellar:

Arlen Outland:

Duco Skating:

Jeff Dirdack:

Gerardo Castanos:

Brendan Stouffer:

Alvaro WainArt:

Jonathan Nuss:

Leonardo Mercado:

Тимур Тотоев:

Артём Садриев:

James Thompson:

Parker LB-B:

Alex Liu:

Stan Zurawski:

John Nichols:

Ben Hendricks:

Justin Yi:

Samuel Boyd:

Mike Myers:

Emmanuel Garcia Myers:

Vuong Ha:

Zero Fucks Bolt Company:

(This entry failed to qualify for a multitude of reasons, but here it is non the less)

Voting Closes May 15th! Share this around!





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