>> COMET ROOTS (2004)

Comet was founded in 1997 as a downhill focused brand. Soon thereafter, Comet attacted a diverse network of underground skaters in the San Francisco Bay Area. Comet Roots is an edit made in 2004. It includes a mix of street and hill mobbing. The crew depicted here still hangs out together in the Bay Area and have continued to inspire the Comet brand for close to a decade now. Currently, Jeff McDonough is working with us on a line of shredable wooden objects TBD and Noah Sakamoto has a model in our guest series.


Noah Sakamoto

Patrick Rizzo

Jeff McDonough

Orrian Willis

John Delauder



Comet Skateboards



Noah Sakamoto

Sven Hokanson



Noah Sakamoto

Sven Hokanson

Jason Salfi



East Bay







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The Comet Team