>> Comet X Paul Schmitt Collaboration


Dear Comet Community,

Impact is a natural occurrence in skateboarding.  Since day one, Comet has been about making impact with board design, social and environmental mission, and our unique approach to skateboarding. 

I would like to give you all an update on the latest jam at Comet.

Comet Skateboards is currently collaborating with Paul Schmitt, skateboarder, innovator, and master skateboard builder on our third guest model to mark our new manufacturing relationship with PSSTIX (his manufacturing operation) for the production of advanced technology decks.

Comet will continue to design, and screen print skateboards in Ithaca, NY as well but we will have the support to grow and develop more high quality skateboards and designs with this new collaboration.

The collaboration with Paul Schmitt has many facets:

First, When Comet was founded in 1997, it was on the premise that some day we could be a force for improving the ecological standards of the skateboarding industry.  I met Paul in 2005 when we were both on the board of the Action Sports Environmental Coalition.  Meeting under the auspices of creating a platform for a sustainable industry gives me confidence that working with Paul will exponentially magnify Comet's vision for sustainable high quality manufacturing.  To start with, Comet will continue to screen print 100% of our graphics at our facility in Ithaca.  Our highly durable water based inks provide a platform for beauty, durability, and consciousness that we are committed to carrying forward.  PSSTIX will be using our water based materials that we have mastered in our facility in Ithaca, NY for 100% of the Comet Decks that they make.

The small pebble can make large ripples….  As PSSTIX makes water based coatings available to more of the brands that they manufacture for, hundreds of tons of VOCs will be prevented from entering the atmosphere.

Next,  Paul and I have been working on combining technologies that have been in his portfolio for decades with design ideas that the Comet team and community have been skating and dreaming up in the downhill and all around skateboard scene since 1997.  Bruce Lee, to paraphrase, is famous for saying "master simplicity".  To that end, the first idea Paul and the Comet Team worked on together is continuing to master rocker, concave, and a balanced wheelbase for a perfect double kick all around skateboard.  The first mold that we dreamed up will be what his "Guest Engineer" model "The Metric Bomb" is pressed in.  Yard Stick anyone?  The metric bomb mold has 1.25 cm of rocker between the trucks and a progressive 1.2 to 1.4 cm of  concave with the same nose and tail featured on a perfectly balanced street deck. 

To add to the radness, we are including Paul's patented air frame technology in this model.   Think pre tensioned, corrugated, longitudinal high performance jet wing….. Air Frame technology is based on multiple hollow torsion boxes sandwiched between solid plies of hard maple.  The result is a much lighter board that is stiff and more responsive.   We are going to be adding Air Frame into two other models currently in the line, the Liam Morgan and the Noah Sakamoto Guest Model.  For the 2014 line and beyond, we have several more innovations to create stiff and highly resilient flex patterns for modern downhill and all around skateboards.

Ask anywhere, PSSTIX, is the gold standard in skateboard manufacturing.  This reputation in skateboard manufacturing has been earned while making more skateboards than anyone in the game.  I have been to the PSSTIX manufacturing center in Tijuana, Mexico 4 times over the past six months.  I have worked side by side with Paul and the awesome staff there to make sure that our standards are met on every level.  I felt more at home each time I made the trip.  That is why after 16 years of making 100% of our own skateboards to our specifications, I am proud and feel safe to announce this collaboration.  With support from PSSTIX, we will have the freedom to design more awesome skateboards, pursue broader environmental and social mission related goals, build stronger relationships with our community, and continue grow skateboarding.

To support this growth, Comet has moved into a larger warehouse as of November 1.  (((Yes, we are building a bowl)))  It has a been a busy couple of months and we are stoked to almost be on the other side.  Thank you for all of your support.  We are looking forward to many more decades of being a part of what makes skateboarding awesome.




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The Comet Team