>> Ithaca Skate Jam 2014


Big Thanks to the City of Ithaca and the Tompkins County Tourism Program, the volunteers, and everyone who made it out! Here's a compilation of all the video coverage we can find. If you have a video shoot it over to us at team@cometskateboards.com

Also check out the full photo gallery at the Ithaca Journal: http://www.ithacajournal.com/apps/pbcs.dll/gallery?Avis=CB&Dato=20140427...

See you again next year!






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In the moment of integration into the social family, we all have our own share of responsibility, because there is too much knowledge that we need to absorb and master. Good attitude, will [url=http://www.nikedelicacy.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=71]Nike Air Max 2015 Womens [/url] become our strong to overcome difficulties, courage to support. Finally, I hope everyone can have a good mentality, erase the negative side of the heart, enjoy the myriad of beauty in life!Blooming life In an unattended corner, I am facing the cold wind, flying snowball proudly bloom. Came [url=http://www.nikerell.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=35_58]Air Jordan 7[/url] to this beautiful world compared with the beautiful things, I was so ordinary and helpless, but I do not blame any objective things, because I was quietly in the spring of the messenger, although no one appreciated but no sense of emptiness. In the cold winter, frozen three feet, frosting sky, shortage of yellow hay, pieces of dumb, I quietly blooming in the beautiful world. Butterfly Friends of winter eyes, insects to avoid, people baked warm . Oh! Want to sink the original flying wingless, Xiao control Yin tears tears. But I need a pure land, let my life in the world everywhere. My beauty and Jiao Yan let things go to study! Spring to the drizzle, flowers, I quietly blooming. Life is so precious, the rain is so strange, smoking, whole body comfortable, cool! Standing in the clouds of silk-like spring, I was so weak and ordinary, petal fine and no fragrance, how to talk with flowers and blooming? Can be in the human body but in my head hard buckle a flower cap - peach Li Fang! In fact, to tell the truth, I am looking forward to that day, In order to this gold as silver spring, even if I want to pay any price, I have to proudly in the flowers. Look forward to the spring of a strong summer finally come, I like the wind brother all over the world. In a hot afternoon, [url=http://www.nikedelicacy.com/]Authentic Kids Nike Shoes[/url] the wind, the thunder and lightning, the clouds crowded the sky, the earth some sadly, only I was waiting to [url=http://www.nikerell.com/]Wholesale Nike Air Max Shoes[/url] [url=http://www.nikezoom.shoes/]Cheap Nike Shoes Sale[/url] go.

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feel big. I do in such a way a few decades, how suddenly wrong? But from a scientific point of view, <a href="http://www.nikezoom.shoes/nike-free-50-c-392_430">Nike Free 5.0</a> the length <a href="http://www.nikedelicacy.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=151">Air Max TN III Mens</a> of time to engage in a thing and its right or wrong and no direct contact. The ancients also said only 'familiar', rather than 'cooked to'. Even if it is often done, it is also possible to make mistakes. Today, I chatted with you to brush your teeth this little life, take a look at this simple and then the daily action, in the end what kind of mystery hidden. First breakfast First brush your teeth Many people have the habit of eating breakfast and then brush your teeth, because you can immediately clean the teeth after eating, so as not to cause secondary pollution caused by breakfast on the mouth. Also in the night during sleep, the body did not eat, so the mouth itself is also very clean, wake up after no need to brush your teeth again. So it sounds like a very reasonable, could not help but want to praise for their own. But in fact, the flora is complex in the mouth, even if the night did not eat, oral pH is playing a change in the brush before eating, not only can effectively neutralize the mouth of the acidic environment, reduce the corrosion of the teeth, there must be The wake function. If you worry about <a href="http://www.nikezoom.shoes/">Cheap Nike Shoes Sale</a> breakfast will cause pollution to the mouth, as long as after eating and then rinse with salt water or water on it. Need to pay attention to, immediately after brushing eating, may have a certain impact on food taste, especially for children in terms of. Parents can let the children brush their teeth in advance, wait 5 to 10 minutes before using breakfast. once? twice? three times? More times Raised this question, because my life really appeared in different times the number of friends brushing teeth, and everyone is firmly believe that 'one day should not brush one / two / three / N times teeth?' North American dentist Most of the recommendations every day to brush your teeth two or three times <a href="http://www.nikedelicacy.com/">Authentic Women's Nike Shoes</a> a special tooth condition. Specifically, it is once a day sooner or later, after lunch can be increased once. Brush only one day, teeth in the colonies grow too long, the teeth will cause sustained damage, and prone to tone. And too frequent brushing, such as brushing teeth sooner or later, after eating each other <a href="http://www.nikerell.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=42_43">Air Jordan 10 Kids</a> will wear teeth will wear teeth on the surface of enamel, long down will lead to tooth sensitivity. Listen to a song University of a roommate, each brushing only about 10 seconds to 20 seconds of time, his point of view is time valuable, can not be wasted in the brush on such a small matter. We are not discussing the world view, but 10 seconds to 20 seconds of brushing time, for the clean mouth is completely not what role. Dentists usually recommend that each brush <a href="http://www.nikerell.com/">Cheap Nike Air Max Shoes</a> can reach 2 minutes, you may think it sounds too crazy, but if you carefully brush every tooth, really need such a long time. What is the concept of 2 minutes? Probably a shorter song for a long time, or half the length of a popular pop song. In order to ensure adequate brushing time, I will open the music when the music player, casually choose a song, brush to listen to it so far. This is almost 3 to 5 minutes. Another very simple method of detection is: when you brush your teeth, if the last spit out of the bubble there is still a piece of toothpaste or no dyed dye, it is clear that the time is too short. Toothbrush or mouthwash? For many people, brush your teeth is simply a matter of no fun, the sooner the less the better. For these people, mouthwash is simply the gospel of salvation. Mouthwash in the mouth, 30 seconds after the spit it out, a trouble to solve. But the pursuit of convenience is always in other places to pay the price. The environment of the flora in our mouth is complex, but the balance is on the whole. The use of mouthwash will kill a large number of bacteria in the mouth, thus destroying the oral colony balance. Another mouthwash for oral ulcers also have some stimulation, while long-term use of mouthwash may lead to deeper bad breath. And mouthwash containing alcohol is also indicated to be associated with the occurrence of oral cancer. This is not to say that mouthwash is a catastrophic product, like pickled food, as long as the control of the use of harm is not so big. Although it can not be used as a substitute for toothbrushes, I will use mouthwash to clean my mouth once you attend important events, just as if you spray some perfume in your mouth. Do you want to brush your tongue? The opposition moved out of traditional Chinese medicine theory, Chinese medicine in the hope of looking at the cave, there is observation of the tongue phase of this one, cleaning the tongue, will wash off the natural texture of the tongue coating, loss of inspection of the body when the important basis for inspection. On the other hand, vigorously brushing the tongue will hurt the tongue nipples, leading to the loss of taste. And do not believe in Chinese medicine dentists are usually in favor of brushing the tongue when the cleaning. Because the relative teeth, the surface is not flat on the tongue to grow more bacteria. Regular cleaning


The Comet Team