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Eric Jensen, aka the Blueberry Farmer, has picked more gorgeous blue candies of the Earth than anyone on the planet, thus earning the name.  Hence, it made perfect sense for Comet to honor him with a board bearing his likeness and namesake.  It started in 2010, when we started flowing Toronto-based Jensen boards  and we quickly realized he fit in perfectly with the Comet crew.   Currently, he is leading the charge of innovative skaters, opening minds to all sorts of wheel bases and styles of skating.  We are super stoked to have collaborated with Jensen on this board from start to finish.  In representing all styles of skating, downhill, street, bowl, and general wiggling, he of all people, deserves to be recognized with our latest plank.

On a night still shrouded with hedonistic mystery,  Jensen poured nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, and water onto the 80s style shape, now known as The Farmer, and watched it grow an extra six inches.  The Farmer is a 38 inch long rockered double kick skateboard with 24 - 26 inches wheelbases (three mounts in the nose / three in the tail).  It is all around stick designed to harvest whatever seeds you plant.

Regarding the graphic and our current Crime Unit series:

While talking to a local farmer I know, we discussed the implications of a future of food governed by patents and large corporations to the easiest way to keep a rodent free barn.  It turns out that indeed its a cat.  However, you can get a fine for that, too.  There is a saying among he and his peers:

"If you are not breaking the law, you are not farming."

Some laws make sense.  Others do not. The Crime Unit series encourages the question of what your government is doing to make it  impossible to live free and eat a diet that does not contribute to environmental damage and further marginalize low income communities.  In the context of our #crimeunit series, Jensen's The Farmer fits right in. 
The "healthy" food movement is at its strongest point in history worldwide.  However, corporations seeking to own food genomes for profit along side complicit governments are a formidable foe in seeing this Earth-friendly infrastructure grounded in our lifestyles for the long term. 

Thousands of small scale natural, organic, private and family farms have a vision for a more sustainable food future, including Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), farmers markets, food banks and other forms of edible social justice. This fight for change starts in the fields and gains momentum in our food baskets.  This inspires the questions that we need to ask:  How do current laws that are meant to protect farmers and consumers serve to harm us both and potentially serve mega-agri-business and multi-national corporations instead?  How are farms and farmers markets kept from serving the majority of low to mid-income people?

If you read the ticket on the top of the board, you can learn the citations that a family farmer can get for trying to grow you bunch of kale without pesticides or a stalk of sweet corn that is not genetically engineered - straight from the hands of Mother Nature. 

How does this play out long term?  In my view the single largest threat to our food security is the question of Genetically Engineered (GE) Genetically Modified (GMOs) Foods.  While much of this technology has potential benefit, it is akin to Nuclear energy in the fact that that there are many facets to consider before jumping in with both feet.

There is data that suggests that we cannot feed the projected 10 billion people that will inhabit the planet by 2020 without genetically modified food.  However, just as much data suggest that we can.  What laws of common sense are we breaking in allowing the planet to become a laboratory for corporate profit under the guise of feeding people. 

Peru has banned GMO crops until further evidence can be introduced that states that GMO crops are safe.  The EU as whole has the most stringent laws to regulate GE crops.  China, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Japan all have laws limiting GE foods.  Saudi Arabia has banned growing GE foods and is considering banning the import of GE wheat.  GE food is totally illegal in Algeria.  The list goes on.

Conversely, The USA barely allows citizens to know what foods are genetically engineered.

With Prop 37 in California being defeated, we have a long road to even have the right to know what foods that we eat are from patented genomes.  Connecticut and Maine were the first two states in the US to pass mandatory labeling laws and many more are following suit but it will take help from the Federal government to pass anything comprehensive. 

The US has thrown the precautionary principle to the wind... literally.  The earth that we create over the next several decades will either feed everyone or it will not.  The fight starts in the field. If you're not there, take The Farmer to your local hill and ride...  Next time you see a farmer wave.

If you are hungry check for a local farm here: www.localharvest.org.






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However, there is no consensus on the scientific community. Storms receive energy from the ocean, so as the tropics of the upper reaches of the tropics become warmer and warmer, the storms become stronger and even worse, and it seems quite reasonable. The potential strength of the tropical storm is indeed enhanced by the rise in the surface temperature of the ocean, but the effect of ocean warming is also offset by the increase in wind shear. The wind-cutting phenomenon refers to the winds of different directions, the altitude is different, the intensity will change; wind shear will hinder the formation of the storm, or in the storm to reach a very high intensity before tearing. Many climate researchers agree that tropical storm activity does increase with the warming of the planet. There is some evidence that storm intensity has increased over the past three decades, but only the North Atlantic data are more reliable and the evidence in other areas is not conclusive. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), in its latest report, is cautious about what is currently known as follows: According to the frequency, duration and intensity of the tropical cyclone, the cyclonic power dissipation values ​​of the wind energy are estimated, and the time series indices such as these have shown that the cyclones of the North Atlantic have increased since the late 1970s Trend, the northeastern Pacific cyclical upward trend is relatively weak, but for the long - term trend of interpretation, is <a href="http://www.nikedelicacy.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=143">Air Max 2012 Heels</a> still limited by the relevant data quality. Q: how does the climate model say? A: Although the tropical storm is a very visible phenomenon on the weather chart, the global climate model is too rough to calculate the relatively small atmospheric perturbation phenomenon. 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