>> Sheer Rad Occurance - Marcus Bandy Guest Model

Comet has partnered with professional skateboarder, cryptozoologist, photographer, writer, and Wheelbase Magazine publisher, Marcus Bandy, on this limited edition skateboard, the “Sheer Rad Occurrence”. This collaborative deck incorporates the principals of raw, street skating alongside an inclination towards the riding of pools, spillways, and winding roads.

A professional street skater during the mid 1990’s thru the early 2000’s, and more recently the founder of Wheelbase Magazine, Marcus is a hardy celebrator of the unifying connectivity between all disciplines of riding.

The “Sheer Rad Occurrence” deck is a manifestation of the belief that skateboarding, is skateboarding, is skateboarding—long, short, or otherwise.

Drawing on the idea that a skateboard doesn’t have to be a one-trick-pony, Marcus has designed this board with features that enhance applicability, and on a wide range of terrain. These features are as thus:

  • A longer wheelbase than a traditional skateboard. The extended wheelbase provides a more stable riding platform, while retaining the agility needed for popping crisp ollies and butter kickflippers.
  • The double truckhole pattern accommodates both reverse and tradition kingpin trucks, thus allowing the board to be used for twice the fun. Throw some Paris or Calibers on this badboy and see where that leads you.
  • The slight and forward teardrop design of this deck harkens back to the pool and vert-ramp centric boards of the eighties, and was added to enhance the front-foot-heavy style of carving transitions and wiggling through tightly positioned obstacles.
  • The overall wider standing platform provides added confidence when skating hills, riding transition, as well as when kicking out slides.
  • The wide nose is a feature added for little more than to simply heighten the enjoyment of bean plants, nosesliders, noseblunts, and/or any other nasal trickery one might desire to perform.
  • Lastly, the specially placed wheelwells of this deck significantly reduce wheelbite for traditional trucks.




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