>> Skateboarder Support - Liam Morgan + Daddies Board Shop

Every year a skateboard company has to make choices about what it will spend money on just like any other business in the world.  At Comet, we invest in designing and manufacturing durable, green skateboards and the people that ride them.  We send the Comet team to events and support innovation and progress.  Liam Morgan exemplifies the determination and passion that it takes for downhill skatebaording to progress.  In releasing Liams new Model, Comet partnered with Daddies Board Shop to bring greater resources to Liam.  This partnership will help Liam travel and skate with people all over the world.  On every board sold, Daddies will be contributing to Liam's budget for the year above and beyond the significant amount committed.  Big ups to Daddies Board Shop for contributing to professional skateboarders in 2013.





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