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In 2009 Comet launched the first ever "crowd sourced" skateboard.   The community decided on the specs, artists, graphics, and named it the FSM short for the Flying Spaghetti Monster.   Within 12 months several major downhill skateboard companies used the specs from this successful board design and used them an the basis for many popular models.   The power of community driven ideas was demonstrated and earned a cover the cover of ID magazine.  

Downhill skateboarding has been progressing off the charts since 2009 and Comet believes that it is time again to engage skateboarders from all over the world to collectively design a new skateboard to address the needs of current downhill skateboarders.   This forum will generate the ideas for the design of a board that we will launch in late spring.   As the community closes in on solid design ideas, Comet will cull the most popular designs into 1 to 3 final design proposals that the community can vote on.   The most effective and popular ideas will be incorporated into the V 1 prototype.   We will be recruiting 50 test pilots.   Test pilot spots can be reserved through our website and through our retail and media sponsors for the design forum. 

The Design forum on the Comet website is designed to host a dialogue about skateboard design.   We have streamlined a forum to be easy to use for everyone who chooses to participate.   The forum allows you to create a profile and submit ideas with specific tags.   For example if you have an idea for a mold / concave, you will be able to tag your input with searchable tags for others to find and add to your commentary.   You may also start your input by searching the various tags and contribute to ideas that are already presented and assist in their refinement.   Each post will be equipped with voting.   This will allow contributing skateboarders to thumbs up or thumbs down every idea allowing Comet to track the most popular ideas and effectively incorporate those ideas in the ultimate design.

Comet has chosen to design a forum that has a specific purpose.   There are many forums out there for general discussion which is very important to a thriving democracy of ideas and opinions.   This forum is for people who want to cut through the clutter and dig into a specific dialogue with peers with no distractions.   Comet's commitment is that the forum will stay on track and generate fun and productive dialogue.   We value and draw inspiration from communities on forums like Reddit and Silverfish.  These forums provide the space for an unlimited array of skate-related topics.  For the Design Forum, we ask for you help in keeping the dialogue on track so the ideas can flow unfettered from tangents.

The steps to contributing are easy.   Login.   Search.   Read.   Post.   Return to see what has progressed since your last visit to the idea lab.

Thanks for reading and deciding to contribute to the future of skateboard design.




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