>> High Precision Carving

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In the beginning, Comet skateboards were cut using a jigsaw and shaped with a hand router at our space South of Market in San Francisco. These shapes were derived from the clean lines of early surf boards. Fluid, organic curves have remained a trademark of a Comet shape. This is not just aesthetic- functional curves on a skateboard dictate the leverage points over the trucks, which is why our boards turn and feel different than others. Shapes with Comet’s visible soul ride better because they meet your feet on totally cosmic plane.

We’ve always preserved that magic through all of our boards while providing skateboarders with continuously improved precise, consistent and true geometries. Our precision flush mounts, for example, ensure your trucks are in perfect plane. Perfectly planed trucks result in fluid speed, less wear on wheels and bearings and a faster, safer ride. Comet flush mounts can be shredded on the Takeover and the Ethos line.

The CNC ensures each board is machined to world-class consistency and perfection. Throughout the Comet production crew never strays from the process. Each tree that results in a Comet skateboard is unique and beautiful-this uniqueness sometimes results in blanks that warp after they are pressed. Warped boards suck. Our CNC process is designed to reject warped blanks - hence, none get through to you. Even so, we inspect each board before and after this process to ensure your board is as close to perfect as possible. Air bladder sanders keep the precise shape while edges are hand-buffed to pure butter smoothness. Smooth rails make our boards more durable compared to conventional hard edge boards. Smooth curves hold up to impacts stronger.

That is why trees are round, not square. Nature already figured that out.

Waste at Comet is simply something we haven’t figured out a use for yet and our goal is simply ZERO waste. While others are filling dumpsters, Comet uses its wood waste to heat our facility. We turn the usable off-cut from our rectangular blanks into sweet cutting boards and other products. By using our "waste", Comet has kept 12 tons of scrap wood from going to the landfill. While this doesn’t necessarily make our boards better, we think it will help us all be around a little longer – it’s just how we like to do things.