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With deep roots in boat, surfboard, and snowboard construction, the innovators at Comet Skateboards invented pressing techniques that yield the strongest possible bonds using any type of resin or adhesives.  Currently, Comet uses a wood glue they developed that is fully engineered to be safe for the environment and people working with it – while making bomb-proof skateboards.

Consistency ensures the same quality board after board, we use a precisely metered industrial glue spreader to coat our wood veneers and custom hot presses that yield the strongest possible decks.  Hot pressing allows the pores of our regionally-sourced, hard maple veneer to open and accept steam heated lower viscosity glue deep into each layer.  In developing our adhesive, we dug deep and small, down to the microscopic level.  Rather than skimming the surface with a macro-sized glue, our tiny particles penetrate deeper to increase the ultimate sheer strength of each bond.  It's like we’re coating and interlocking gnarly 12 footers rather than calm seas.  Laboratory tests show that Comet bonds are up to 1.5 times stronger than other boards.  This translates to longer lasting pop, stiffness, and thus happier Skateboarders skating Comet Skateboards.

We custom built our presses to use a pliable "soft" top pressing technique.  This allows for the inherent variability of veneer thickness through pliable high pressure air bags that mold anything in their path into CNC precision cut cavity molds.  The result eliminates the possibility for micro voids found in cold-stack decks.  Every millimeter is under the same amount of pressure ensuring that laminations will stay together under the gnarliest of circumstances and that every board is as strong as the next.  We guarantee all Comet boards.  

The Comet presses were welded together, plumbed, and wired by skateboarders and boat builders.  Many road trip conversations, late night rants, and consulting with engineers and other industry manufacturers lead to the progressive pressing technique that Comet has created.  Nothing skates like a Comet board because these presses make all of our boards in our Ithaca, NY USA eco-progressive factory.  

The founding ethos behind Comet Skateboards is to build a business that conserves natural resources just by virtue of being.  We embody this a number of ways:

  • Regional sourcing - Comet moved its facility to the east coast to be within the shortest possible radius from where our wood is harvested.  This allows us to lower the milage that our materials travel, thus conserving thousands of gallons of fuel and lowering our carbon footprint.  Being close to our suppliers creates a connection that allows us to work on custom formulations and forestry techniques that ensure generations of trees in the future and a healthy forest.
  • Sustainable yield - Comet is working with our wood suppliers to meet the highest standards of forestry techniques.  When Comet was founded, we sourced FSC certified hardwoods whenever possible.  By working closely with our wood supplier, we are securing that standard for not just Comet but for all other skateboard manufacturers into the future.
  • Formaldehyde-free glue - There are several chemicals that are "red listed" by the government and environmental certifying organizations, such as the Cradle to Cradle Institute, but are still used in most skateboards today.  Formaldehyde is one of the worst.  We worked with our glue suppliers to innovate new formulations of formaldehyde-free wood adhesives that are the next frontier of high strength environmentally safe skateboards.  Comet paves way through this innovative approach so other manufacturers and ultimately all of us, can benefit.




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