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Topic: Freeride 2013 TESTING

I think we just need to

I think we just need to remove the blue bottom, and enlarge the painting, because to me it's giving off a clown like vibe, anyways, the board is an awesome all around board, I've set it up for some downhill, freeride, and a little techsliding. I think we should shave a few inches off, maybe make it around 37in or so?? To me when I stand over it, I think of the archetype, but with double kicks. The wheel wells are big, but could be a little deeper, as I still had to use some riser to avoid bite with a 70+mm wheel.


If we were going for the

If we were going for the cometogether vibe thing, this graphic would have won if it were posted earlier, I think comet should put up three graphics, and now have the community vote, because more people were voting in the beginning, and just stopped at the end.


Thanks, Ken. Great feedback.

Thanks for the feedback, Ken.

fyi, regarding the clown-like vibe of the graphic, we hear ya. That's clearly from the crop and color combo. That will be addressed.


Good ideas, Ken. We did a

Good ideas, Ken. We did a last call on voting and emailed all forum users and posted everywhere. Maybe next community design project, we'll run a top 3 voting round. Thanks.

btw, it would be rad to do something like Adam's mashup some day. In some ways, it reminds me of those limited run one-of-a-kind mashups that Kaya screened in 2012. Would love to see that again!


Well, those graphics simply

Well, those graphics simply didn't have the votes. It's time to move on. Such is life, eh? There will definitely be another community design project here. We're looking forward to it. The community will grow.

For those who have more thoughts on graphics -- even ideas on how we can run the graphics contest in the future -- please post to the Graphics topic:

For this "Testing" topic, let's get more feedback on the ride of the prototype. Thanks!


The wheel wells on the board

The wheel wells on the board have to be bigger, and the mounting holes need to be lined up better, because with tkps I get some bite, even when using a riser


Hey Sean, I've set it up with

Hey Sean, I've set it up with some indy 169s and it felt pretty sweet, there was enough clearance for 65mm wheels when I put on a .25 inch riser, I did get a bit of bite due to where the wheel wells are placed, but I'm sure that will be fixed when the final product is released


I deffinetly agree with

I deffinetly agree with rkattmann, Im also a smaller guy and the board is a bit too big. But the concave is very nice for freeriding and dh. I think something that would be cool to offer is two different sizes possibly, one for people on the bigger size(39inch) and a size for people on the smaller size(37.5 inch or 37inch) and possibly different wheelbase sizes for the two different sizes.


I have been riding on the

I have been riding on the board for 2 weeks now. I have really been enjoying it! I can almost say that this is one of my favorite boards I have ever ridden! When I first found out that the board was going to have W concave I was a little bummed because I was not a big fan of W concave and I love comets classic concave! When I got the board and got it all gripped and went out to ride it all my doubts were put to rest.I The W really helps a lot with toesides,you can really just push your foot up against it. It also locks you in when you are going fast. I went about 40 mph on this board and I really liked pushing my back foot up against the W, it gives you a really locked in feeling, and it also is really nice for predrifts. I really liked this board for freeriding your feet really feel locked in when you are doing fast freeriding, toesides power slides and heelside power slides are money on this board. Along with the W the symmetrical shape is great! For all you W concave haters you need to give this W a try and your mind will be changed.I think that the W concave should defiantly stay!

I am 6 feet tall and the board is the perfect length for me. I wanted to get a different opinion on the size so I had a friend who is 5'8 ride the board just to see how he felt about the length and he loved the length,I don't think that the length should change but, if it does it should only by an inch or and inch and a half. I really like the length. I previously have been riding a Grease Hammer, I love that board and I really like the 26 inch wheelbase that it has, so switching from the Grease Hammer to this board was great. I really like the other wheelbase options I have tried them all out and they all feel great! Since you can adjust the wheelbase you can also adjust the size of the kick tails. I really like the kick tails they are just the right size for all kinds of flip tricks. I was doing Ollie's,shuvits, and kickflips easily. The board was not to big for all these tricks.

I'm really stoked on this board and I can't wait for it to be released for everyone to try out! I'm also really stoked that I had the opportunity to prototype this board! You guys are great comet! Keep up the great work!


any update on the progress of

any update on the progress of this board comet? what changes you guys plan on making? when we should be expecting it?