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Topic: Freeride 2013 TESTING

I've had some time to make

I've had some time to make good use of the Manifest for slideboarding purposes on medium hills and some flatland shenanigans with RKPs.

Here are some of my personal observations on the various attributes of the deck. For reference, I'm 5'11.8675", 160lbs, size 10.5 shoe. I'm adding [x/10] on each point just for reference.

- Concave: MMMMMMM. Delicious. Hugs the heel and ball of my foot. Solid "locked in" feeling. [10/10]

- W-Concave: Just enough to give my lead foot some support while pushing. Not so much that it's obtrusive at other times. [10/10]

- Rocker: There can ALWAYS be more rocker. [9.5/10]

- Kicks: Angle is nice. Length is nice. Width is REAL NICE. Only ridden PNLs and Calibers, still working with the various mounting options to find the right amount of "snap". Yes, it's very much ollie-able if that's your thing. [9/10, pending more abuse. Potential 10/10]

- Mounting holes: Placement is a wee-bit too far out relative to the wheel wells. There's about 1" more of space to the inside that could be utilized. It may be nice to see just one more set of holes for a total of three on either end. Just a thought, perhaps others have some input that could persuade me to think otherwise. [8/10]

- Wheel wells: Look good! Very little wheelbite with 68mm wheels. [9.5/10]

- Wheelbase: Relative to the board length, it's OK. I measured it out to 27" & 28" on the inner-most setting PNLs. (Drilled wheelbase is 25" & 26") For the direction I see skateboarding ("longboarding", whathaveyou) going, I think something closer to 24" would be slightly more appropriate. A shorter deck would be necessary to make that "work" well. [9/10]

- Length: For freestyle/dancing/boardwalking purposes, the current length is decent. I would say it's "conservative" for other disciplines. We could lose 2-3" and still have a hillsmashing beast. Keeping the same relative position on the kicks/mounting holes, that should put the drilled options at just about 23" & 24", actual distance depending on your trucks. That'll make for a very agile board and should keep it up with/ahead of "the curve". (Side note: Anyone out there ride TKPs? I'm really interested to hear that feedback.) [8/10]

- Width: Fine for me! I could see it getting somewhat of a waist, but it's not necessary. [10/10]

- Thickness: Just right. Let another guy ride it and he had no problems early grabbing this or that. Weight over all will be excellent if the length is shortened up a bit. [10/10]

TL;DR - Ttttttasty. Just some slight adjustments on the proportions and we're there!

Thanks for taking the time to read my feedback. If you have some thoughts, please let me know via reply or in your own observations! Keep bringing it together.


I really dig this board!!!

I really dig this board!!!
For starters, it could/should definitely be a few inches smaller, this things a tank!

As far as for sliding, it is far superior to my mini shaka for foot space, concave, and having that locked in feeling. It would be nice to have a microdrop though just so that theres some sort of foot pockets so that you don't have to find exactly where you want to put your feet during various slides. 9/10

For downhill I haven't had much experience, probably around 35-40 tops, and it felt good. But again I would feel a bit more comfortable if there was some sort of space to put you feet while riding. 9.75/10

The W-concave feels perfect while riding, but all of my hills involve a lot of pushing, so maybe if it was a little wider and/or flatter...? Maybe even no W? 8/10

Overall, this things a tank, feels awesome down a hill both rolling and sliding. I would give it a solid 9.5/10.

I also like the Manifest as a board name. Makes the board sound just a badass as it really is!!

PS... a little more rocker couldn't hurt! :)


the concave felt primo but a

the concave felt primo but a foot stop of some nature would be sick. because while i was digging putting my feet right on top of the trucks and getting a lot of leverage it didn't really give me a locked in feeling that ive found with dropped boards. don't get me wrong i'm in love with the concave and am not suggesting a drop but if we could find a way to construct a foot stop the platform would be perfect. the shape of the kicks is nice and proportional in my opinion. however i do feel that their is room for an additional set of holes on the inside of the board. the graphic is DEFIANTLY giving me a clown vibe that is a major turn off. i would defiantly revisit the color scheme immediately


I think we just need to

I think we just need to remove the blue bottom, and enlarge the painting, because to me it's giving off a clown like vibe, anyways, the board is an awesome all around board, I've set it up for some downhill, freeride, and a little techsliding. I think we should shave a few inches off, maybe make it around 37in or so?? To me when I stand over it, I think of the archetype, but with double kicks. The wheel wells are big, but could be a little deeper, as I still had to use some riser to avoid bite with a 70+mm wheel.


A cut out in the bottom to

A cut out in the bottom to mount a gopro at the perfect spot would be a cool feature. Just sayin


This Board Is AWESOME!

This Board Is AWESOME!

It's like the DB "lunch tray" and the Loaded "Tesseract" had A baby named "Manifest"!
The concave is wicked comfortable pushing, and riding at speeds. The wheel well flares
really help keep my feet locked in during slides. The kick tails are super functional and
awesome for plants and that kind of thing as well as ollies and shuv-its. The board is not really
to nimble, it has more of a boaty feel to it. My only complaint is that it could be shorter. I am not a huge guy
(5'10 120 pounds) so the board is a little much for my size. But all in all this is my new favorite board. Thanks a ton Comet! You guys really nailed it with this board!


They told me they are gonna

They told me they are gonna take 1.5" out of the middle, .5" off each kick, and mellow down the W


Check out the most recent CAD

Check out the most recent CAD drawing by Brad Sykes. .......Stoked?

Note, the image will resize to your browser window. If it's still not large enough to read details, right-click the image to open in a new tab.


dang, I really looked the

dang, I really looked the shape and lengths of the prototype. hopefully that could change/


I really just liked the looks

I really just liked the looks of the kicks in the preproduction. Just the way how it got narrower towards the end. the final CAD makes the kicks look fat and stubby. both the final and preproduction wheelbase, concave, and length sounded great.