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TMMR 2011
by Anthony Flis Photos by Blair Caldwell ( all photos here ) TMMR is hands down the best outlaw on the East Coast in the U.S. Don’t even try to argue it. Phat Dean is also the most giving, and supportive person of the east coast downhill scene. Don’t try and argue that one either.
Liam Interns a Second Time
Liam Morgan Comet team rider visiting and interning with Comet for a couple weeks. How long have you been riding? I've kind of been riding skateboards as long as I can remember, but its been the biggest part of my life for about three years. What attracted you to Comet's boards?...
Kawika Omoto's Story
On March 18th, 2009, Comet team rider Kawika Omoto set out to the Colorado hills looking for another great downhill session with friends. The tragedy that unfolded shook the Colorado community, everyone here at Comet, and riders from all over who caught the bad news. Equally shocking was Kawika's heroic return, which seemed to us from afar to be as sudden as the original accident. I recall saying, "What do you mean Kawika came in fourth? Isn't he in the hospital?!"
Cody joins the Comet Crew
Cody Austern-Aceto A Comet intern and soon to be senior at Lehman Alternative Community School (LACS) What was it like growing up in Ithaca? I actually spent my first eleven years in Trumansburg, NY moving to Ithaca before sixth grade...
Southern Virginia to Phat Deanz
by Anthony Flis I was on the fence about Phat Dean’s most recent freeride because I didn’t have a lot of money but Christian called me and said we were going so I couldn’t say no. Christian Montoya is one of the fastest downhill skaters on the East Coast and also one of the most fun people to be on a skate trip with. Phat Dean is not the fastest or best skater but he is one of the biggest supporters of East Coast downhill shredding, always encouraging and welcoming skaters into his home so when he hosts a freeride it’s hard to miss.
Bmore Slide Jam and Mustache Derby
This was one of the best skate weekends I’ve had, mainly because the people. Meeting the legends who pushed your skating when you were younger is always a crazy experience. The weekend at the Baltimore Slide Jam in Maryland the judges were Sergio Yuppie, Brad Edwards and Andriy Dashenych. When Sergio was skating everyone would stop what they were doing and gaze with jaws dropped to the ground in awe of the man’s incredible skill. Sergio got more hoots and hollers than any one competing and for good reason. Watching Brad Edwards skate is also sick because he has a style that can not be mimicked, with lines and ideas that you never would of thought of. I’d never seen anyone do a Ray Barbee style 360 blunt slide pivot thing on a huge 46” board before. I grew up watching Brad and Sergio on the Gravity “Flow” dvd and it was such an honor to be judged by them and watch them skate. Also Andriy has a torn ACL and was shredding harder than the majority of kids competing. The judges were awesome.


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