>> Party Wall made of Comet Offcut Wins MoMA PS1 Contest

Great news!  For those in the NYC area or those able to visit this summer, we invite you to check out a giant "Party Wall" at MoMA PS1 in Queens, NY.  This proposal just won MoMA PS1′s 2013 Young Architects Program.  The wall will be made of interlocking skateboard offcut from Comet.  Ithaca architect Caroline O’Donnell of experimental design and research studio CODA is leading the project. Congrats to everyone involved! 

[ Comet offcuts used for giant art project at MOMA ]

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CODA’s “Party Wall” Made From Skateboard Castoffs Wins MoMA PS1′s 2013 Young Architects Program


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January 17, 2013


This event is so great. I

This event is so great. I mean all of it, begining with the way that this place is decorated. I found this particular architect very genious, cause it is very difficult to find a proper way to sustain some originality nowadays. I can say with all my heart that I am impressed about this place, and I am going to participate at this particular event. Great job, guys!

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