Name: Adam Westfall

Home: Boone NC

Date of Birth: 5/3/96

Alias: Fishbone Frank and Dickfall (Tanj Teaj original).

Favorite Trick: Frontside Rock

Stance: Regular

Sponsors: Comet Skateboards, SET Gloves.


  • Comet Wild Boar, Ronin 154, 40/25 split, Abec 11 HD Centrax, Venom/Ronin Bushings, Zealous Ceramic Bearings.

  • Comet Upcycle Shred JMD 32, Independent 169, OJ street wheels, Bones Reds.


How did you get into skateboarding?

When I was 6 my dad got me and my brother Walmart skateboards and I got real stoked up on skating from the get go. I got a Foundation board a few years later, skated parks for a few years until I was 14 and got my first longboard. Around that time I met Drean Whitner who was bombing a hill in my town, he legit told me “go to the skateshop and pick up a Comet Voodoo Doll”, get some trucks, and wheels. I got a Voodoo Doll, Paris 180’s, and O-tangs, very fitting for the time. Dreyon gave me some pucks and I glued them onto some motorcycle gloves.


What are your most memorable times skateboarding?

  • Going to the DIY spot with my friends in Middle School, that was always a rip.

  • 2016 in California, and 2017 Euro Tour was amazing, getting to meet a bunch of new people.

  • 2012-2013 period Slide Jam Scene, going to Slide Jams in SC, NC, and Georgia.


Which skateboarders have influenced you the most?

  • Drean was a huge influence at the time, Tucker Glaslow, Mason Mcnay, Matt Price, Brandon Waller, all Georgia and Alabama guys.

  • Andrew Reynolds, Will Seal, Bailey Winecoff, Big Dave, Kody Noble

Favorite places to skate?:

Northern Italy was bonkers, 6-12 mile runs are pretty regular there, also any time I can find a good pool, I’m down for that. The fast stuff in Boone like Slaughterhouse, Benge Ash, The Knob.

The Asheville DIY is always a rip.

Favorite music to listen to when skating?

Nothing in Particular.

Favorite events?:

NCDH Mount Jefferson, Shine Run, Soldiers of Downhill, Ithaca Skate Jam., Euro Tour as a whole especially Kozakov and Kings Gate.

Have you organized any skate events?:

I was 16 and held this race/slide jam back in Birmingham Alabama at a short hill that was technical.

What advice do you give to a new rider?:

Skate whatever you’re psyched on, whatever gets you stoked at the time do it. Don’t feel like you need to be well rounded, do what you want. Skills transfer, in skating anyway, so why not.