Name: Brian Peck

Home: Is wherever I decide to park my van for the night, currently around Southern California

Date of Birth: January 19, 1990

Alias: B Peck

Favorite Trick: Tie between frontside ollies and good style

Stance: Left foot forward

Sponsors: Jah and Jason Salfi

Setup: Shred 35, Paris 169s, Bones SPF’s

How did you get into skateboarding? 

Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

What are your most memorable times skateboarding?

All the Skatesgiving trips, like that one time we had all of Camp Woodward to ourselves

Which skateboarders have influenced you the most?

I honestly look up to and enjoy skating with anyone who looks like they’re enjoying themselves.

Favorite places to skate?:

Albuquerque NM, Los Angeles CA, Vancouver BC.

Favorite music to listen to when skating?

My wheels a-turnin’ and the wind a-rushin’ through my hair

Favorite events?:

Giant’s Head, Ditch Slap.

Have you organized any skate events?:

I haven’t because I’m a lazy prick who only takes and doesn’t give back.

What advice do you give to a new rider?:

Have fun, bend your knees, look where you want to go, and never forget why you started!