Name: Garrett Gourley

Home: Boone, NC

Date of Birth: 1/11/1997

Alias: Gary, Dirty G, Gurt Mcskrrrt

Favorite Trick: Tailslide on transition, Tailslide on a Rail, Tailslide on a Parking block, tailslide on a board.

Stance: I’m Bistansual

Sponsors: Comet Skateboards, Powell Peralta DH, SET Gloves, Urethane Burners, Action Boardshop, Aera Trucks


  • Comet Ethos 36, Aera K5, Powell Snakes, Vicious/Seismic Lokton Grip, Venom Bushings.

  • Comet Ethos 34, Paris 169 TKP’s, Powell Snakes, Vicious/Seismic Lokton Grip, Venom Bushings.

  • Comet Upcycle, Independent 169, Powell Rough Riders, Venom Bushings.

  • Comet Popcycle 8.5, Independent 159, Powell Bones SPF, Venom Bushings.

How did you get into skateboarding?

Back in Louisiana, my older brother loved skating, we used to be competitive, lived an acre away from the skatepark, as the crow flies. I was in with the older crew who would always skate by my street on the way to the park and would get me to come out. I was 6 when I started skating, and Kevin Kang was the founding father of my skateboarding passion, so was Phillip Skarr, we were like the three musketeers. We lived near each other in Charlotte, and were always skating together, finding hills and chilling. Kevin and I got into street together too.

What are your most memorable times skateboarding?

When I was with Stephen Smith, Jacob Hales, and Kevin Kang on the way to Giants Head we pulled up on a pre-fab park as we were driving through Montana, it honestly sucked but it was one of my favorite sessions. It was awesome because we were just dicking around, the weather was great, and we were just having fun, nothing else.

Which skateboarders have influenced you the most?

Freddy Ortega, Byron Essert, Eric Jensen, Kevin Kang, Ed Garner for Downhill. This one guy from Charlotte Sam who pushed me really hard in street skateboarding, he was super fucking good, and he was the steeziest dude, he was a pro and a homie.  

Favorite places to skate?:

Waxhaw Skatepark, Lincoln City Skatepark, Secret Surfspot, Borderlands, Jitterbug.

Favorite music to listen to when skating?

Nothing in Particular.

Favorite events?:

Giants Head and the Brixtons.

Have you organized any skate events?:

I organized a couple of Slide Jams in Charlotte back in the day.

What advice do you give to a new rider?:

Make sure that you’re gushing style, stay viscous like some gumbo, and stay humble.